Preparations for SOUVENIR EXPO GREECE-TECHNIMA that is going to take place 12-16 January 2022 are progressing steadily to ensure that the event will be held smoothly. 1.  Entry into the exhibition is only allowed upon presentation of a vaccination or recovery certificate.2. The visitor must carry a police ID, or a passport, as there will be an identity check of holder – certificate 3. Mandatory use of a double mask or KN95 type mask.. 4.Keep safety distances and all the hygiene rules We would like to inform you that the health protocols applied to all exhibitions are constantly updated. For this reason, a few days before visiting our exhibition, please, read the current regulations through the site. We look forward to welcoming you in Athens, in January 2022.


4, Anthousas Ave.
15351, Pallini, Athens, Greece

(+30) 2.111.801.801

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